Because You Are
Worth Fighting For

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Because You Are Worth Fighting For

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What’s holding you back?


Not sure where to start? You don’t have to be in shape. Start where you are and we’ll help you improve your fitness as you go.


Every expert was once a beginner. Starting something new can be scary, but with our great supportive community you will change the way you see yourself.

Gym Fees

Gym fees can seem expensive. Come to your trial class for a glimpse of the value you’ll find training self-defense in a supportive group setting.

Time Management

It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Take some time for yourself to relieve stress, create bonds, and learn great skills.


What You Will Gain


What You Will Gain

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Come in and get to know our incredible classes, coaches, and community!

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Reach Your Goals

Stop putting off your new life. Allow us to help you find the inner strength you’ve had all along!

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Hear It From Our Members

Overall, A Great Place to Be

“Fortis Self-Defense is a fantastic all around place to train. I love the fact that they offer self defense classes, AND conditioning and strength classes, as conditioning and strength are such integral parts of self defense. Also, Jodi and Allen are awesome instructors. They are both very knowledgeable, great teachers, motivating and passionate about what they do. They push you to be your best, without being pushy. They make you feel welcomed. Other members motivate you and make you feel welcomed. Overall it’s a great place to be!”

Well-Rounded and Down to Earth

“I’ve been training under/with Jodi and Allen for close to 5 years in both Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have been an incredibly positive influence in my world and have helped encourage me and kept me going through two hip surgeries. Not only do you get a great workout and build your skills and confidence, but you also get some of the most genuinely caring people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. They really do want everyone to succeed. Their classes are very well rounded and down-to-earth, dealing with real-world scenarios while building fitness and helping give you the proper mindset and tools. I would highly recommend trying a class. It doesn’t matter what your skill or fitness level is because they can help get you there.”